Mind Blowing Digital Marketing Tools in 2022

Best Digital marketing tools

Mind Blowing Digital Marketing Tools You'd Wish You Knew Earlier

Are you ready to explore top-notch digital marketing tools that could bring a quick change in your professional life? 

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Digital Marketing is one of the most remarkable fields that significantly impact your professional life.

Staying connected with digital trends is another primary concern for people who have a career other than Digital Marketing or even in sales.

Whether if a person is an accountant, a teacher, a chef, or even a blogger. It would help if you still stayed updated about current affairs related to digital marketing trends worldwide.

Sometimes we get to know a minor detail about the latest trends from our co-workers that we wish we’d new earlier. 

Let’s take you towards the mind-blowing digital marketing tools to boost your digital performance and decrease your efforts.

Why Digital Marketing Tools?

Well, that’s an interesting question. Let’s take an example of this.

Suppose you are pretty good at your job and everyone loves your work. What if you fail to deliver some tasks on time due to the intensive burden on your shoulders? That’s where digital marketing tools come in.

These tools help you reach global audiences in the most cost-effective, scalable, and measurable way. Not only this, but digital marketing tools also save you a lot of time.

Content Marketing Tools:


Feedly’s AI engine has all the desired features that you need in content marketing. Its excellent RSS reader keeps you updated on current affairs and happenings, all compiled in blog content. An intelligent tool to streamline all your content and make it easy at every stage of content marketing. Well, the best news is that it is FREE.


A leading customer relationship management platform founded in June 2006 by Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan. It offers customers inbound marketing tools and helps companies grow their businesses.


An open-source content management system allows users to install on your web host to develop dynamic websites quickly. WordPress marketing plugins will enable you to plan your content marketing strategies and streamline your work in the best possible way.


You must have Grammarly as your best friend if you are a content marketer. Writing up articles or even proofreading may give rise to some minor mistakes, and that’s where Grammarly performs its magic.

It checks grammatical errors, proofread your content, and offers mind-blowing suggestions to you.


BuzzSumo is considerably the world’s number 1 content marketing platform. The four critical components of this online software are Discover, Research, Influencers, and Monitoring. BuzzSumo allows you to track your content and share it across social platforms.


When talking about Content Marketing tools, knowing about Ahrefs is the priority. Ahrefs is all-in-one SEO Software that combines both ON-Page and OFF-Page SEO elements, website SEO analysis, tracking keywords, and whatnot. SEO is an essential element of content marketing for organically ranking the website on google.

Graphic Designing Tools:

Adobe Softwares

There is hardly a person in digital marketing who is not aware of graphic designing and animation platforms like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

It’s a traditional platform for professional agencies like Nexosol Digital Marketing Agency.

Making high-quality graphical posts, editing videos for branding purposes, and producing high-quality PSD files for E-Commerce websites are all possible with Adobe software.


Stop worrying about licensed graphic designing platforms when you can easily afford free tools. Fotor is one of the creative graphical designing tools that offers several essential elements, even in the FREE version. You can test your designs and switch to PAID VERSION whenever you want.


PicsArt offers most of its services free of charge. More than 150 million creators love using this photo editor to unleash their creative skills. PicsArt is not just an online editing software but is also available on app stores as a mobile-friendly graphic tool for quick animation purposes. 


Canva is the most accessible and free designing tool for beginners to create projects and produce content with an aesthetic approach.

Built-in social media sizes, custom-designed templates, collaboration features, and even scheduling social media posts are all the desired features that make a person fall in love with Canva.


Crello is one of the free designing tools that is recently rebranded as VistaCreate. It offers more editing features than Canva, and the best thing is that you can apply animation features to different elements simultaneously.

The high-resolution images and videos are available to give your content a professional creative touch to impress your audiences.


MockPlus is yet another drag-and-drop design tool to make interactive prototypes for mobile devices and web browsers.

The Free 15-Day trial lets you explore almost every functionality that could eventually convince you to switch on-to Paid version.

Designing prototypes from mobile applications couldn’t be easier. Its interactive elements like popup menu, alert window, sliding drawer, and scroll box are the most loving features of this tool.

Email Marketing Tools:

Although email marketing is just a tiny portion of Digital Marketing, still keeping up with its trends and tools can save you from great hassle.


The number#1 platform, MailChimp, is the right choice for you if you have just started your business. It is specially designed for small organizations to outstanding their performance in the market. 

The flexible templates for email marketing ensure the well-crafted messages with authentic clicks you deserve.


Suppose you intend to start doing email marketing. In that case, you must know that HubSpot offers a free email marketing platform, including different templates like sales emails and newsletters.

HubSpot Academy also provides a free email marketing certification course to boost your knowledge and help you overcome all the challenges in designing an email marketing strategy.


The intuitive and brilliant email marketing platform SendInBlue is one of the most potent software suits available in six languages. Its WordPress plugin is a fantastic option for incorporating transactional emails, marketing automation, marketing campaigns, subscription forms, and even statistics.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark is known to attract new audiences with its robust email marketing tools using AI techniques to market automation and landing pages. The email marketing templated include:

  • Announcement
  • Birthday & Anniversary
  • eCommerce
  • Holidays
  • Invitations & Event
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Non-Profits
  • Promos
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Software & Technology


Simple and effective are just other names of MailerLite. Its main purpose is to engage visitors and drive lots of traffic to grow your audience faster. The 30-day trial is worth your time.


Digital Marketing is that field where you can’t stop yourself from exploring new trends and social updates. The rapidly evolving media and unique algorithms changes play a significant role in the organization’s success.

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